Saturday, September 15, 2007


Argh. Frustration. But the good kick-in-the-ass frustration. Lots of singing, and that's definitely good, but am sooo soo soooo behind in terms of vocal development. So far behind. I'm totally frustrated and tired of not knowing how to sing. It feels like I'm in some weird 5-dimensional bottle-neck where I'm pretty close to figure out which way to go, but I'm still just futzing around and utterly lost.

But, as a good friend said to me "this is kind of awesome, because it'll mean you will work hard. Your job is not actually to sing, but just to try to sing, and your teacher will help tell you how to do that." So it's time to embrace the student-teacher relationship! Full steam ahead. So that means I have a big practice session scheduled after work today.

Anyhow, these pictures are hilarious and awesome.

vocal folds, chest registration

vocal folds, falsetto

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