Sunday, December 10, 2006

"could i put you on hold for a couple months?"

placeholder text/post here mostly for aesthetic adjustment. I would say also saving the name and addy, but I can't imagine someone else snagging this particular combination or single part thereof. in any case, it is a little premature considering everything is still pending, and it seems kind of silly to blog what I have in mind when the result is still incredibly tentative.

random link

pretty pictures! (clearly not of me)

Sweet! Ok, the time has come to put the place-holder post to work. I'll be using this to keep all of my links on a tidy page so that you (and I, but mostly I) can keep all of them handy without unduly cluttering up the sidebar with their nattiness.


  1. Grayling - slowly finishing, philosophical graphic novel envisioning an alternate reality with a rich, articulate mythology

  2. Kuchipudi - a gallery of images dedicated to the Indian dance form of Kuchipudi. My "guru" is also pictured; will update as more of her materials become available.

  3. Order of the Stick - a touch OCD webcomic about a humorous adventure romp with "inside" jokes referencing any and all gaming genres.

  4. Penny Arcade - intensely irreverant and ribald humor commenting on and around the video gaming industry.

  5. Prague Conservatory - picture gallery at the Prague Conservatory website.

  6. Santa Cecilia Conservatorio di Musica - picture gallery.

  7. Taiwan - the food gallery from Taiwan Tiger's blog.

...and sundry.

  1. Desperate Operawife - what it's like observing the profession from yet another "inside" perspective

  2. My Favorite Intermissions - NYC mostly-opera blog with delicious wit and a coruscating turn of phrase

  3. Opera Chic - la bella donna in Milano

  4. Opera Daddy - Bass-baritone cum daddy with a side of giggles and glorious profanity

  5. the concert - written with acuity and a prescient eye for goodness, this is a blog about being a living, growing person first and a musician second (but it's such a delicious second!)

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