Friday, August 31, 2007


so the first week of orientation at school has ended. it's been so much crap all crammed together. On the one hand, I moved myself and started setting up my logistical life (work, home, etc.) - more on that later. On the other hand, a whole bunch of diagnostics and such were the order of the week.

It's a real change, adjusting to music school. My interest in classical music is now a majority opinion (though my exaact interests prolly not so much). Unlike previous school, I can't just go up to classmates and ask them about Derrida and/or Nietzche (or rather, I can, but I won't get the same kind of answers), so it's a little bizarre. What won't change is that in general, people probably won't want to hear about my chemistry nerdiness. Teeee.

For this reason, perhaps, there's been a lot of internal hand-wringing about whether or not I belong here. I'm still trying to sort out my voice, and I've got a lot of work to do in that vein. There's a fine line between needing a lot of work yet displaying promise and needing a lot of work and not displaying promise. It's all really odd, and I suspect that many of the stories one hears about are, at one level or another, hagiographical narratives constructed in retrospect.

It's, so far, turning out to be a relatively nice transition. Choral audition went well (professor thought I had a really fine voice -- I can't tell if he was serious or it was the pretty face "with a face like that you should always be downstage" [ed. hahahaha, whatevs. must check prescription on eyeglasses]), the various diagnostics have gone well, and all experiences have pointed to the faculty being really on point, warm, and helpful. Very willing to work with the special deficiencies (as well as strengths) of each of the students. It's great. I feel like they aren't stuffing me in a box so much as making me a custom-made coffin. oh wait...

In other news, the biggest worry (which is now slowly subsiding) is figuring out how to wedge work in. Currently, the plan is to work friday evenings and full days saturday and sunday. This requires a ~1 hour commute by rail on fridays and a 1 hour by car commute each way on the weekends. If possible, I'd rather crash saturday nights with a friend. Anyhow, this has become overly long and I gotta get some sleep in.

More thoughts on initial welcome time!

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