Monday, September 17, 2007

no preamble

ok, this is short since it's late and I still need to go practice (nap went overlong but sooooo necessary).

two things to share: 1) it dawned on me while watching the following that I am studying with a male Elisabeth Schwarzkopf! At least in the attention to detail and going over of phrases over and over to fix things. (Also very focused on diction!)

These video clips seem really quite valuable. And while I don't doubt that many internet reports of how harsh Schwarzkopf could be in giving these masterclasses, I wonder if some of that might not be intermingled with an unfamiliarity with a tradition of such close, very blunt work. (When I was quite young - 11? I was chewed out in a public masterclass for having lots of talent by crapping it into the toilet by not practicing enough.)

Next set: no explanation needed. Mmmm brings a smile to my face!

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