Tuesday, May 22, 2007

See this post for Rosalyn Tureck

Bah, so the Tureck Bach Foundation has some pretty neat videos of Ms. Tureck playing the Goldberg Variations, but it's a flash object, and I'm still not good enough of a hack to fiddle with it on a more familiar flash video player, so I've had to crib the javascript from the site.

edit: Embedded! Wee!

Problem is that it won't take in the blog post code itself, so I've just put it jammed into the sidebar :) I think, along with Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson, I would consider Ms. Tureck a musician who speaks in paragraphs.

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Evan Cortens said...

Hi Alex!

Thanks for mentioning the Rosalyn Tureck videos on the TBRI site! I'll be putting up some more videos, this time of her historic television performances, in the near future.

The site, by the way, is http://www.tureckbach.com/ and the videos can be found under "Media" on the left.