Saturday, January 6, 2007

"[bleach bleach bleach]! I love [bleach]! I would shovel it down my throat if I could!"

"Of course [I'm kidding]. I would chew it slowly and stop when I was full."

-Jane Lane

I love anime for so many different reasons: its cultivation of an eclectic visual sensibility, its commitment to the mercurial emotional changes of life, and the no-holds-barred kooky treatment of landmine/hotbutton topics including homosexuality and pedophilia, which can be a mite uncomfortable.

In any case, episode 33 is *brilliant* dramma giocoso. More giocoso than dramma, but the penultimate scene is very knowingly done, I think. Anyway, this is hilarious, especially for the power rangers and thundercats references!

I would love to work at the intersection of opera and animation, particularly this kind of animation.

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