Tuesday, January 9, 2007

abarai kenji - interrupted!

I'll have to delay the paen to Abarai Kenji (I know, I know, my Bleach obsession has really gotten out of control. It's all your fault, youtube!!!).

Anyhow, it's getting to be the school audition season, so I get back to talking about that. I'll have more updates regarding that as I receive notices. However, I need to keep a goal list during the home stretch about the technical things that I want to accomplish. So here goes.

  • Solidify the range from low f to high f. I need to know that I can count on these notes. Iffy notes begin at low g and high e. No need to go berserk on the higher notes (since I won't be singing them at these auditions) unless it turns out to be psychologically bolstering to know that high c's come out of this voice (and they do -- they just won't be performed....yet).

  • Increase the suppleness of scales. No tightening. Let the voice position itself -- it knows best. Just keep the voice as forward within its comfort zone as possible.

  • Uniformity of sound, or at least uniformity of resonance, from low f to high e. High f would be great but generally unnecessary.

  • Work on attacks, especially in the mid to high voice so that the quality of tone that I want begins immediately,

  • Work on the releases as well -- this should facilitate phrases I must sing in the high range that have consonants that require closing the mouth.

  • Speaking of consonants, work on increasing their placisity so that they help enable legato and voice-placement rather than hindering them.

  • !!!!Vowel purity!!! within this range

  • The Schwarzkopf responsibilityTM: I am responsible for how every note sounds. I must be confident that I can draw the maximum resonance for each tone every time the first time and that I can paint confidently with the colors of my voice by intention and not accident.

I think that's quite a handful. We'll see if I can get there in time.

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