Friday, December 21, 2007

on wednesday, i had my last final. it was a singing/performance final for english diction, which must have been nervewracking for the two students who weren't voice majors. i can only imagine -- and they acquitted themselves just fine.

however, one of my classmates just got out and knocked out a song by Richard Hageman, Do Not Go My Love. It was the first time I heard her sing and it was such an amazing fit, vocally, temperamentally that I couldn't help but start crying.

at least it was a more or less "pretty cry."

i think it really hits home the point of singing things that you do really well, because it's just so much less effective if you sing something with more of a "name" or "cachet" and leave much to be desired.

in any event, finals are over and it's just work this weekend, packing, and then getting on a plane home, where I'll eat, dig up some music, learn german, eat, sleep, and eat. delicious!

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