Wednesday, December 12, 2007

life changes

so in addition to moving house, i recently attended a [stunning] masterclass given by Leon Fleisher.

I didn't really know what to expect -- I'm not even sure if I expected anything other than to hear people play and to hear Leon Fleisher give whatever advice he could.

It's consistently amazing what happens when people become so intimately knowledgeable (particularly on the teaching end) in different fields. The best, I think, develop some sort of underlying architectural sense for what is not quite meshing, which often have tectonic and far-reaching effects -- and other times, involve miniscule detailing but finish off a product in such a way so as to be essential, detail or no.

Fleisher was incredible at fixing things that are apparent at a listener's level but are rarely fixable from that direction. Instead, the changes need to be approached (according to Cornelius Reid) functionally. Why is this phrase drooping? If it is something that a music lover can hear and identify, that doesn't mean said music lover is necessarily able to fix it just by pointing out the symptom.

It was pretty great to watch. Also, got an interpretive idea that I'm now mildly obsessed with applying to a particular piece I'm working on. Mmm. May share if anything comes of it.

ok, now must get ready for choir concert. boo.

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