Sunday, October 7, 2007

weekend hodgepodge

semi-related thoughts:

  • ergonomic typing posture seems to be a lot like well-observed singing technique: for most people, it just doesn't matter, but if you're going to be typing full-tilt for an extended amount of consecutive time, you better pull your body posture in alignment and float your wrists like a larynx if you don't want to be super achy. you *can* get away with lousy posture, etc., but that's how you get carpal tunnel.

  • i'm really starting to feel settled into school, more or less. the full implications of what my teacher said to me ("peabody is gambling on you; you are gambling on peabody; you are gambling on me when you decided to study with me; and i am gambling on you, teaching you. nobody knows how things will turn out, we just work hard and hope for the best.") finally caught up. oddly enough, it was the positive implications that became clearer (oh, the possible ways of things running off the track are well on my mind, thank you), i.e., that peabody and my teacher are gambling yes, but they wouldn't be doing it if they didn't think it were a smart/good investment. obviously, it doesn't guarantee anything, but I can stop feeling oddly out of place at lessons and realize that everyone here is interested in my doing well.

  • divine as inspiration for disney's ursula. discuss.

  • Schumann

  • Janine Jansen seems like a very articulate person. Of course she's pretty, but a lot of it has to do with how the camera sees her and her makeup/wardrobe. Not that I think it's an illusion, but imagining that people are this pretty without effort just doesn't fly.
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mmm sleepies.

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