Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One of the first times I heard the name Dorothea Röschmann was over at MFI where he describes the voice as "raspberry purée."

I'm having trouble pulling my feelings together about this singer. I think there are some rather prescient musical ideas in the singing I've heard her do (almost completely restricted to Pamina - but I think I'm going to pick up the M22 Nozze, so I'll see what she does with Contessa Almaviva), but I always get the sense that phrases are...not exactly chopped, but a little abrogated. Like they're rounded off too soon. It's like the mirror-image of the Kasarova problem, where the phrase peters out before the end.

So I'm listening to the Abbado Zauberflote and after she sings Pamina's suicide scene, I thought...well, how about a comparison?

Röschmann (cond. Fischer, Paris Opera, 2000)

Popp (cond. Haitink, rec. 1987?)

Battle (cond. Levin, Met 1991)

Hmmm, there are a couple others on youtube but it seems kind of odd. I really wish there was a post somewhere of Malin Hartelius singing this.

For reference, this is her Ach, ich fuhls

Oh whoah, and her Konstanze (embedding disabled, sorry!)

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