Wednesday, July 25, 2007

first lesson

First lesson from my peabody teacher! woo!

I was a little trepidatious leading up to this lesson because I had a tough time deciding between teachers. But I think this lesson was an "it" lesson.

There was an insistence that everything work well -- no easy pass on anything, including on interpretive matters (important, because otherwise I can get bogged down in all of the technical stuff to think about) and most nit-pickingly (and enlighteningly), diction. It's a super-detailed approach (yet logical, i.e., no random launching into anything I can't's just *hard* to handle, which is a great motivation, because it's not so far out of the bounds of my current reach that it's demoralizing).

Also, I met an accompanist/collaborative pianist who was not anything that I expected. So that was great too. The both of them don't mince words, which I think is great, because it's also strangely laid back. I hope I'm up to this.

Notes to myself:

pinch just under the bone of my nose to feel the focal point of sound.

concurrently open the back of the throat, behind the tongue, as wide as it will go. to "balance" the sound.

No mini-vowels in italian that creep between consonants. This is the hardest - the connection of unusual (for me) consonant sounds without vowels. Also, listen to italian diction. No lazy anglo-italian accents!

Study texts.


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