Monday, March 5, 2007

in which i don't talk (much) about auditions

I'm done with auditions! Aside from a brief note that finishing felt somewhat anticlimactic and has given me quite a lot to think about, I think I'll save that for a later post when I have the benefit of more time to let it stew.

Nah, this post will be about my previously promised thoughts on Onegin and Lohengrin!
  1. What I really appreciate about how the last scene is structured is how it presents its version of great unrequited love. The way I read it, at least, love between Onegin and Tatyana is not possible and it never was possible. Tatyana has come to understand this finally, but what produces the heartbreak is that Onegin does not understand. The fact that Tatyana of Act III could have been happy with Onegin of Act I is irrelevant since those two people don't and cannot meet. I wonder if there's any interesting way to point out this little detail of the opera that really makes the work resonate for me.

  2. For Lohengrin -- I think I could really get behind a production that has a black swan, e.g. black instead of white color scheme for Lohengrin. I think it would do interesting things to general assumptions about color roles and representations.
Now to have some dinner!


Anonymous said...

Well for us in Australia, swans ARE black.

alex said...

huh. I totally didn't know that. do productions of lohengrin in australia have black swan knights?