Thursday, March 8, 2007

epiphanies while shampooing

Two thoughts collided for me while I was washing my hair (and replaying the conversation I had with my mother re: "natural voice."):

I had read somewhere the following, paraphrase mine:

physics lecture

...and you can calculate the most efficient way to [ice] skate jumps: application of force perpendicular to the blade [etc.]...

but who learns to skate this way?

Thought number two, provided by friend:

It's been useful to realize that the mind is only one of many tools available to you in making decisions -- and it's not always the best one.

It's certainly borne out in my past experiences of learning what constitutes a singing technique. It's been a blessing and a curse to be able to abstract and intellectually try and take stuff apart -- and I really think there is a place for the very exact scientific Vennard-esque laryngoscope pictures. But it's certainly not the only or even, perhaps, a very good way to learn how to do it. At least, not for everyone.

It's of small comfort as I try and purify this rotten vowels. GRRR. Italian [i] and oo, I have a bone to pick with you!

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