Tuesday, January 23, 2007

teresa berganza rocks

My teacher was telling me the good gossip about her time in Salzburg one summer, including encounters with Bumbry (fierce), attending a Berganza recital ("she sang her face off"), and chatting with Bartoli during said recital with hand gestures (Bartoli: "Isn't she amAzing?").

I found this playlist of a masterclass given by Berganza in France (it's in french, mainly, anyway) and I'm so gratified to see the technical concern she brings up time and time again is dropping the lower jaw too low and locking it. Gleaned from this and my teacher, that's something to be avoided. Instead (and Alfredo Kraus sez so too), the focus should be on opening the upper jaw, which is something that's kind of a mental screw up. Buuuut, and this has been enlightening, it's possible to think too high. Berganza emphasizes that it should be "just so."

Enjoy -- she rocks.

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