Sunday, December 31, 2006

bleach marathon!

There's currently a (dubbed) Bleach marathon on Cartoon Network (mmmm, cable...mmmm, television in general) and pretty interesting Food Network shows to flip between (lots of Rachael Ray, Giada de Laurentiis, Paula Deen even). And even though I've never watched Bleach before tonight, I've heard if it often enough to have watched one episode (and then another, and another, and another....) Anyway, this post will be "short" (hee hee).

I'm also surreptitiously checking on the bread dough that's rising. It's the first time I'm trying the no-knead bread that made such a splash in the NYT. Hee hee!

Anyhow, the latest Puritani bcast seems to have rocked the NYC opera-blogging community, including at my favorite intermissions, the wellsungs, an unamplified voice, if only to report prods written by Siegelinde here, here, and here.

As it happened by chance, I stumbled across some pretty lovely leggiero singing by Maria Malatesta CalabrĂ², the italo-argentine 80+ year old I youtubed previously here. Here's a playlist gathered from the sound files shared on her website.

Now back to Bleach!

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