Friday, June 12, 2009

doctoral program research list

Working list of programs of interest with notes.

  • Eastman -- strong theory program, musicology students can enroll in studio lessons as part of normal course of study (!!), great music library, good early music resources. Lots of the faculty have interests and work in women's studies and/or vocal music. Nobody seems to work on Russia but there are faculty who work on Southeast Asia and India. More research needed on funding.

  • Princeton -- Simon Morrison, full-funding, competitive program, small faculty (Kofi Agawu, also).

  • Yale -- funding, Ellen Rosand, work on vocal music, Cavalli. No Russians.

  • NYU -- Funding! (surprise!), Beckerman - who works on Czech music (!), early music including Caccini,

  • Berkeley -- Richard Taruskin, California!, California :(, state school hi :)

Work in progress


Betsy said...

NYU! NYU! Come to New York! Funding! Lots o' Peab alums! Me!

OK, I just noticed that pretty much everyone will give you funding for a PhD program. Still. NYC!

alex said...

NYC definitely has it's incredibly benefits, no question.

I do wonder whether I'll find what I need since I'm not too far along in my performer's development.

To wit: (1) finding a teacher with the bewildering number of expensive charlatans, (2) highly difficult to stretch my wings and fall flat on my face -- neither the place to make mistakes I need to make, and (3) it is one of the hardest place to stretch a buck.

But yeah, it's alluring :) for all of your reasons and plenty more!