Monday, June 16, 2008

what a weekend! my sister graduated from college; I met up with an aunt and my cousin who I haven't seen in 10 years; and all of the insane travel related to thereof. I'm also settling into a really nice summer rhythm. I hope it can carry on into the school year so I'm not completely drowning in my schedule.

Today was pretty perfect. When I was walking home from visiting a friend - the weather was so clear and a beautiful temperature. I could see the moon in the distance as I crossed the bridge -- and as it was just dusking close to home, I saw fireflies! I haven't seen those in years! Enough to paste a spontaneous grin on my face.

Also, I've been totally addicted to Brigitte Fassbaender's singing. There's a set in the "Very Best of" Series (I already own the Mady Mesple (very underrated, in my opinion) and Edda Moser (ditto) compilations. Listening through on Amazon's little player, the Fassbaender one is probably just as stunning! It includes not only Suicidio, but O don fatale (in German), pieces from the Messiah, B Minor Mass, St. John Passion, and the entire Winterreise!! The last is absolutely stunning, the 1 minute snippets of each song that I heard.

Am now listening to her Schwanengesang. The thought of a Fassbaender Eboli rocks my socks. (And according to internet google groups man of letters (and recordings) Simon Roberts, her Azucena and Amneris are pretty great too).

But what I wanted to paste here in sharing (before getting back to school year recap in the next post) is Mirella Freni and Alfredo Kraus in a blockbuster duet from Puritani. YES PURITANI!

I knew that Freni did a very gorgeous recording (although with approximate coloratura) of the mad scene, here she is, singing this thing live! with lovely Alfredo Kraus. And holding her own every bit!

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Can Bass 1 said...

My word, what a performance!