Wednesday, January 16, 2008

school, take 2

The new school year has kicked off, and it's already crazy with all sorts of busy-ness. Suppose it's just as well to jump right in, right?

This'll be kind of short, but progress is coming along with vocal development. I feel much more mixed about it than I should because it's not developing in the specific order I'd like it to (but it's doing all kinds of nutty [good] things in many unplanned or unforeseen ways). More (or less) on this later.

However, this post is more about a trip I took to Durham, NC to visit a great friend of mine. During this trip we discovered that Foster's and the Q shack are incredibly tasty, for different reasons, and that the L word really is a good show with male eye candy (who would have thought?).

Though maybe it's just me...

Now, back to sleeping. And Haydn songs.

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