Tuesday, December 4, 2007

music with cojones

Apropos of a comment left by Alex (not me -- of the Wellsungs) at Maury's, I really dig it when performers (conductors, singers, directors -- ya, i think they should be lumped into the performer category. If nothing else, they're performing the more traditionally recognized performers) really give no quarter to the idea that early music is super-decorous and/or limp.

How's this for a shot in the arm:

It's so magnetically sung, and in some ways, I can see the argument for anachronistic stylistic choices in her singing, but it sounds fervently Mozartian still! Wonder of Wonders.

Also, just because she was in the same clip (though unsinging), I'm totally blown away by the disparity between Kasarova's speaking and singing voice.

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