Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey day is freshly over and I just discovered this: more interesting articles/writings/interview material with Meredith Monk

Here is an excerpt to whet the appetite:

FRANK J. OTERI: [...] Do you consider yourself a composer first?



MEREDITH MONK: Because the heart of my work is the singing. I think of my work as a big tree with two main branches. One main branch is the singing and it started from my solo work, exploring the human voice and all its possibilities. That's been a very strong discipline for over 30 years, working with my own instrument and discovering all the different possibilities.

and another:

MEREDITH MONK: [...] after being in New York for one year and doing a lot of performing in different galleries and churches and places like that, I really missed singing a lot, straight out singing, so I sat at the piano and started vocalizing. There was a one day sometime in 1965 when I realized, in a flash ( really was a flash experience...), that the voice could have the kind of fluidity and flexibility of the body, say, like the articulation of a hand. That the voice could be an instrument and that I could make a vocabulary built on my own voice the way that I had in movement. In movement, I had had a lot of limitations physically. That was to my advantage on a certain level because I had to find my own idiosyncratic way of moving. In some ways, technical limitations are good, because you have to find your own way.

Incidentally, anybody know how I might get in touch with Ms. Monk? I understand she teaches voice but am not sure how I should go about exploring the possibility of study...

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