Monday, November 5, 2007


  1. A small order of Five Guys' fries is too too large to consume by oneself. Even by twoself.

  2. I "get" to move again sometime this month - either at the middle of the month or at the end.

  3. Performance happened this Saturday. The production was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I had no idea I would have so much fun (or how many brains I would consume as a zombie.

  4. Next performance (of something else) is Tuesday. Oof. Must press my tux shirt! Speaking of...where is it? (and speaking of, where did I put the title to my car...)

  5. whew. found it

  6. the end of daylight savings is delicious, but i'm already behind! eek!

  7. we love/hate Heinrich Schlusnus. It's mostly love. And when we hate, it's because we love.


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