Wednesday, November 14, 2007


for the first time in i don't know how long, i felt nostalgia for the last time i was in school.

yesterday, i had followed a friend of mine to sub for a choir conducting job he did at the hospital. (yeah, it was surprising to me.)

anyhow, it was a fun time (i figure if med students have enough desire to spend 1.5 hours a week in a choir rehearsal, they really like doing it), but when i exited the hospital, i was forcibly reminded of so many occasions in the past when i had done so.

i had spent a semester volunteering in the ER on saturdays. it wasn't always a good time, but them's memories. and, the medical school film society showed lots of really great movies, so i spent many a weekend night with a close friend going to screenings there.

so i stepped out on the street and -- it sounds hokey -- but i almost forget when and where i was.

really struck home a favorite expression i read once (in a comic book of all places): elsewhen

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