Sunday, October 14, 2007

stones of different sorts

Am visiting home briefly during break:

1) milestone - 100 posts

2) grindstone - sing sing sing! (but we're getting somewhere! not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but I think I'm using my air much more economically-- *and* to some extent am mixing registers. woo!)

3) flintstone (ok I got nothing - but apropos of the Charlie Rose interview with Natalie Dessay, there's an interview excerpt from a posted interview with Joel Kaskow (who runs culturekiosque, which I began reading a looong time ago) which might throw some context on why/what Dessay says the things she says about acting, the theater, and opera. To wit:

Operanet: I read that you consider acting almost more important than singing...

ND: It is more important. For me, singing and music are only a means of expression, the goal being a theatrical and emotional experience.

Operanet: Would you say, for example, that it is 60% acting and 40% music?

ND: No, for me it would be 70% theater and 30% music and voice, which is not to say that it is unimportant, because you must have that 30%. You can't say, "I act and I don't care if I don't sing well." You must sing well and make music, be a musician. But that's only 30% of the singer's work, even if that 30% is primordial.

Operanet: When I saw you in the role of Ophélie in Hamlet (by Ambroise Thomas) in Geneva, I wrote that you sang in just about any position other than one comfortable for singing.

ND: Definitely, because if you want to sing without moving around, all you have to do is give concerts.

Full interview here: (free registration required) Interview with Dessay

4) whetstone - Imma possibly moving apartments (yay, roommmmaaaate) and as such will be bringing back such delightful things as a hippie cooker (pet name for slow cooking device that is energy efficient, not an implement to cook laid-back, peace-loving people) and a set of dinnerware.

Ok, I think I'm tapped out for now. Until more things come up!

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