Friday, October 26, 2007

pendulum? or stick-balancing?

I've been having very good lessons so far. Good in the sense that they feel hard -- I feel like I'm being worked during them and they leave me frustrated. In a good way; frustrated that I'm not singing better because I know it is within my grasp (as opposed to the bad way where it feels frustrating because it seems I'll never get it/understand). So it's a good situation.

And it's interesting to think about how progress is never a straight line forward. It's usual hugger-mugger wavering around equilibrium. Sometimes you overshoot, sometimes you undershoot, hence the pendulum or stick-balancing (like taking a can and balancing it on point in the palm of your hand) thought. It occurred to me how little goes a long way. At the moment, I'm needing to clean up my diction, but I've been doing it a little bit too much and it sounds too chewed up and caricatured. Not to mention destroying the musical line.

So it's a question of important things being there, but not so being there that they're overwhelming. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of piano playing and bringing out voices. It's almost that you just have to listen for them and voila, they appear. If you try too much more than that, then it sounds forced.

Dios mio, I'll get this yet!

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