Thursday, March 29, 2007



Also, here's a little youtube love from total video game nerd-dom. Have you heard of a genre of games called rhythm games? Think Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero and you'll get an idea. Generally speaking, the skill required to play the game is some combination of dexterity and timing, usually in sync with music.

Anyhow, there's a Japanese game for the Nintendo DS called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! It's a game where the player uses the stylus to punch certain areas of the screen (numbered, kind of like a connect the dots that flash up) in order and in time. Sometimes it's just touching the stylus to the screen, sometimes it's dragging the stylus along a pre-determined path at a certain speed, you get the idea. The narrative conceit of the game is that by performing these rhythm stunts well, these three cheerleaders [ouenda is japanese for cheer, i think] (and depending on difficulty, they could be three doods or three girl cheerleaders in short skirts and pom poms, etc.) are able to perform their moves and rally the observers to overcome an otherwise dangerous situation. Now, "dangerous situation" is pretty hilarious. In the final stage of the game ("Ready, Steady, GO!"), a meteor is headed straight for earth. The cheerleaders rally the people of the world to collectively shout, generating a force beam which annihilates the meteor. Trippy, huh?

Check out some Hong Kong player ripping up the final stage at the highest difficulty level, flawlessly.

If you're nuts and want to see what an entire playthrough looks like....

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