Saturday, February 17, 2007

Preparations (non-musicaux)

I spent a bit of time today organizing the musical materials for my auditions (the first of which is this coming Tuesday). This includes writing up various repertoire lists (full, no high, no low, no high or low), copying music from their bound incarnations, and flagging the appropriate places in the scores.

If it seems a little fussy, it is -- but some schools don't want auditionees to bring copied music (makes sense) but others don't say one way or the other. I'm prepared to offer the binder or the big stack (and it really is a stack) for the auditioners' preference.

Even looking over the repertoire list (which has been cut down), it seems a little nuts for the undergraduate level, but each one offers a different look at my singing, never mind the language requisites.
  • Italian
    1. Tu lo sai
    2. Amarilli, mia bella
    3. Bella siccome un angelo
    4. Il fervido desiderio

  • English
    1. Bob's Bedroom Aria
    2. See the raging flames arise
    3. Silent Noon

  • French
    1. D'une prison
    2. Avant de quitter

  • German
    1. Im Rhein
    2. Ich grolle nicht
    3. Rollen in schäumenden Wellen
It's a fun list. We'll see how it goes on Tuesday at Peabody. Then, there might need to be additional strategizing. I haven't really thought about what I would want to start with. Thoughts include Bob, Amarilli, and See the raging flames. Will have to think further.

I also have other thoughts about the Twyla Tharp book on the creative process that I'm reading, but that'll have to be another post. Mmm, tired.

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