Wednesday, February 21, 2007


woot! I thought my peabody audition yesterday went really well. since I haven't really done this, I have no idea what an average audition is like. And I have no idea what an average audition at Peabody is like either. But after I was finished (I sang only two: Amarilli, mia bella (solid and "there") -- and then they waffled between Bob's Bedroom and Bella siccome un angelo before settling on Bob (only minor DS on my part - my teacher's term for "dumb shit"), they just start chatting with me in this very positive-feeling way.

John Shirley-Quirk starts out by asking what kind of chemistry I did in school. And we start chatting about this. Then we chatted about why I wanted to do a non-degree program, including the possibility of switching to a B.M. program if I so choosed -- and then, the accompanist chimes in "You'd probably be in a B.M. for only 3 years anyway." In any case, I attempted a joke about it all being theoretical so far -- I needed to be accepted first! (they laughed.)

I don't know how well I read these situations, but I definitely got a very positive vibe from them (which, of course, is reinforced by feeling that I sang well). Letters are sent out April 1, so I have little over a month to second-, triple-, and quadruple-guess myself, heh.

In the end, the proof will be in the pudding when I get that letter. Now I gotta gear up for the next audition at New England! Woot!

edited to add: I totally ran into a classmate from college while I was there! (i think 3 years behind me -- he was at the school for a conducting audition. We chatted a bit. Surreal. And he told me that the vocal program here is really good. He got in for undergrad, and although he ultimately didn't come here, he still thought it was a good place.

Also, does Peabody not have a good string program? I sat in on a Peabody Chamber Orchestra rehearsal for Les contes d'Hoffman and some of the string sounds were reminiscent of my days playing with the local Symphony Orchestra as a kid.


Clayton said...

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Clayton said...

Alex: I hope that Peabody works for you. They do have a good opera program, and I've heard some fine performances there. Good luck. (Sorry about the extra comment. Some of us are having trouble with New Blogger.)

alex said...

OMG, a poster!

No problem on the extra comment. It's not like I have to wade through oceans of them anyhow.

To be honest, Peabody was put on the map for me (lord, this was...2 years ago when I was studying/"living" in NYC) because of Hynah Yu's profile on their homepage. Because I take my dream of being a professional classical singer very seriously, I have only applied to places that I really want to go. I have no "safeties" because if I'm not going to be good enough to get into these places...well, I'll learn how to sing on my own time and find another thing to do for my vocation.

Anyhow, my association with Peabody is definitely amorphously tangled with life the past 2 years. I think I'll make it into a formal post.

Thanks again for posting and reading!