Friday, December 29, 2006


just re-arrived at my parents' home after jaunting off for Christmas day and several days thereafter in the jolly city of Vegas. Generally speaking, I don't particularly like Vegas all that much (not terribly interested in gambling or high-end shopping [or shopping full stop] and all the prurient-interest is of the wrong flavor) and it's just exacerbated when not having own space/individual freedoms of travel (one rental car for the family). Not to say it was a flop, but I really need to stop pretending that it's going to be fun when some more realistic part of me knows that it's just not going to be all that fun. meh.

eh, I have some stories to put down to paper "tomorrow" when I wake up, but there is one bit. we ran into a woman with a baby in the airport coming home. she was crying, her baby was crying, and it was kind of a tough delay with flight delays and gate changes, etc.

it turns out that mother was being re-routed through 2 additional cities before getting to her final destination, having to spend tonight in a non=home city because of all the delays, etc. not only that, but she's doing so to reach her parents' as she is leaving an abusive spouse, which also accounts for the fact that she's traveling with a 5 week old infant. beyond that, she's been having a rough patch of luck -- misplacing some important airline documents in transit and also losing her luggage when arriving with us at our home town. oof.

we tried to help (with the baby and just with conversation and company whilst waiting in lines/talking with helpful people) and it was a very nice and rewarding experience to interact with non-assy people. doesn't happen in my experience all that much, but of course there are extenuating circumstances -- the largest, I think, being that people prepared to think of the "self" as beyond a singular individual (e.g., to think of a self as also comprising of the various relationships it participates in) are more pleasant (for one) to be around.

new years resolution maybe? could probably help with my cynicism, though I suppose increased consumption of tryptophan might also help in that department. ok, bed now. goodies later.


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