Tuesday, December 19, 2006

*cue eye of the tiger*

Ohhhhh yeaaah. Not only is there a new Rocky movie (I'm actually not all that excited about it), this marks a step up in my html-foo. Not only did I crib together the (admittedly simple) embed tags for this realplayer object, but I also grappled with geocities to host my damned playlist.

See, realplayer exports its playlists natively as RMP files, which geocities says "nope, we're not buying that BS today!" so I had to try all sorts of playlist filetypes, including m3u, pls, and xpl, none of which geocities would accept. Finally, it turns out that geocities WILL accept smi, which is a godsend, because at the point where I discovered this, I was too annoyed to have to contend with a playlist syntax that was much more complicated that smil, which is actually incredibly simple (much simpler than RMP, for instance). Enjoy the fruits of my labors. I'll have to figure out how to show the playlist itself and forward/backward track some other time.

Edited to add: Ok, rudimentary forward and backwards in playlist have been added. Will have to learn more java/reaplayer functionality to figure out how to incorporate more snazzy things. For the moment, just listen to the pretty singers:

  1. Inger Dam Jensen - quick clip from Die Schopfung (Mit staunen)

  2. Mark Reizen (and Maxim Mikhailov as the Head) - Ruslan's aria and Act II finale

  3. Pavel Lisitsian - Il balen

  4. Dorothy Maynor - Depuis le jour

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