Thursday, December 21, 2006

cover? cover. cover!!

man, i am soooo beat from traveling home for the holidays. I worked sufficiently late and my flight was sufficiently early that I decided to forgo sleep in favor of mild catatonia during the flight.

however, after a quick lunch after touching down, my mother, sister, and I started the welcoming ceremonies to the voice bootcamp that this vacation promises to be. So, after idly wonder what the hell an upper register is supposed to feel like, I think I know have a much clearer idea of what it means to "cover" and how that plays a role in upper register male singing. who knew? (of course, like it seems with all highly sought after abilities -- it seems to have been a lot closer than I first supposed but at the same time farther away that I first imagined).

it's nice to know that i have advanced to the point where my mother and i can at least communicate and trade ideas in vocal technorati if even our own particular dialects and visualization and learning patterns are not at all alike. mmm, this is promising, but what sounds even more promising is a reeeeally hot bath right about now. No peeking! (at me). Feel free to peek at Marcelo though:

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