Thursday, December 14, 2006

can anybody tell me how she does her hair?

I stumbled across this on youtube. To tell the truth, I sometimes vary widely on my Caballe appreciation, but I had never seen her in a non-singing capacity, and this interview makes it apparent that she has bundles and bundles of charm and magnetism. Here's the whole thing: enjoy!

As an addendum, I found the vestige of a to-and-fro on RMO about singer parents teaching singer offspring. There are cases for (Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender:Brigitte Fassbaender; Mom Ludwig:Christa Ludwig; Maria Javor:Astrid Varnay; etc.) and cases not so favorable (cf. lots), and this conversation seemed to omit the most obvious variable (at least to me): just because you're a singer doesn't mean you can teach, and furthermore, just because you can teach doesn't mean you can teach your own child. The parent-child relationship is complicated enough that layering an additional teacher role there can be quite difficult. For instance, if I were able to sing as well as my mother, I'd be quite well off in terms of my future prospects -- and furthermore, I do know that my mother has the gift of teaching. The problem is two-fold: she has no experience teaching men to sing aaaand my mother and I are a very, very bad student-teacher pair. Heh. Such is life. It would've been nice to study with her and not expend tuition or room and board, but...that was not to be. Ah well, such is life!

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